How To Attract Great Employees to Any Restaurant Job

Jim LaubeNEWS

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When I ask independent restaurant operators “What are some characteristics of your best employees?” I hear words like motivated, committed, enthusiastic, and leader.

Are these the words you’d use to describe your restaurant team? If not, maybe your restaurant lacks the development opportunities top employees are looking for. Motivated, committed, enthusiastic employees who are able to lead want to grow and learn. Here are a few ways to attract the best employees to your restaurant team:

1. Create a clear path of promotion for every position. One very successful member had difficulty finding quality candidates who were willing to start as dishwashers. After creating opportunities to train in the kitchen and promote to the line, even top applicants were willing to start as a dishwasher. A clear path of promotion shows people there are opportunities for growth.

2. Develop a plan to promote within a certain timeframe, and then communicate those expectations and opportunities to employees. If an employee earns a promotion within that timeframe, great! If not, they’re probably not suited for that position or your restaurant. Not only does this help you promote from within, but it also keeps you accountable for moving the best up, and others out.

3. Offer your staff the same training you provide to managers. Everyone benefits from teamwork or leadership training. You’ll find your motivated and committed team members are going to jump on training opportunities because the best people recognize that training is an investment in them and their careers.

If you want to staff your restaurant team with employees who are motivated, committed, enthusiastic, and potential leaders, you need to attract these sorts of people. Top applicants will notice and value the opportunity to grow and learn. Show them how your restaurant can provide them with those opportunities.

Jim Laube
CEO & Founder