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KÉXY reduces the amount of time it takes to do Inventory, Ordering, and Employee Scheduling by 70%!
Operating a bar or restaurant is a complicated business. That's not considering the time it takes you to organize employee schedules and availability, manage communications with your sales reps and staff members, track inventory, and handle orders. Day-to-day business operations can be overwhelming to say the least. Meanwhile, errors and inefficiency in these tasks are causing you to lose money, productivity, and valuable time.

We developed a business solution that overcomes these challenges and it's called KÉXY.

KÉXY simplifies:

Employee Scheduling: With KÉXY you can manage employee schedules in one centralized location including employee availability, requested time off, and trade requests. Employees can also keep track of shift changes and notifications from you in real time.
Communications: Our messaging feature gives you the ability to simultaneously send emails and messages to multiple people from one platform. Whether it's sales reps, staff members, or vendors, you can communicate or set up meetings quickly and efficiently.
Tracking Inventory: KÉXY allows you to monitor and manage front and back of the house inventory with staff members and sales reps in milliseconds.
Ordering Products: You can track and place orders to sales reps quickly and efficiently with just one click from your phone or any device.

KÉXY streamlines many of your business processes, freeing up your time, increasing productivity, and allowing you to focus on operations that increase and maximize profit. We encourage any bar or restaurant manager to contact Scott (sg@getkexy.com), so he can arrange a webinar or call with one of our agents to discuss how KÉXY can save you time and money.
Exclusive Offer for Food & Beverage Association of San Diego Members:
For the months of August and September, save 50% off our monthly price for LIFE! ($99/month versus $199/month… Forever.)

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