Leadership Academy Training

Member Fee: $600 / Non-Member Fee: $750

Course Description

Leadership Training

Leadership is a necessary component to take your establishment to the next level. At the Professional Development Institute, we know all too well what is necessary for company growth. With over 100 years of combined HR and training knowledge, we know what it takes for YOUR leaders to grow.

During the 40 hours of instruction, your staff will learn a variety of topics including:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Skills
  • Creativity
  • Staff Empowerment
  • Employee Engagement
  • DiSC Personal Assessments

The leadership class is designed to develop leadership, self-confidence and people engagement skills in your leadership to immediately shape the dynamic of your establishment. With ongoing leadership monitoring, we will work together to make your establishment thrive.

We believe taking care of your employee and helping them grow will yield positive results for your business. Your employees thrive and feel empowered, they will only make the customer experience that much better.

The Professional Development Institute leadership framework will make a profound impact on your organization, whether personally or professionally.

Leadership certificate awarded at the end of the academy.

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Location of Classes

Food & Beverage Association Offices
3110 Camino Del Rio South, Suite #215
San Diego, CA 92108


6 Classes in 6 Months

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Leadership Academy Training

Member Fee: $600.00 / Non-Member Fee: $750.00

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