5 Year Manager’s Certification (Test Only)

Member Fee: $75.00 / Non-Member Fee: $90.00

Course Description; Test Conducted at our office — with completed registration and payment a conformation email will be sent to you asking for your preferred mailing address — current study guide will be mailed to you. Manager’s Test Only is now available  by appointment only .

3110 Camino Del Rio South  Room 215
San Diego, CA  92108:

The State of California Department of Environmental Health requires a minimum of one Certified Manager of every retail food/beverage business in CA.

Test Only: includes a study guide for self-training (mailed to you), test and 5 year certification

Registration and payment can be completed online or call 619-228-2291.

5 Year Manager Certification (FHC) (Test Only)

Member Fee: $75.00 / Non-Member Fee: $90.00