Membership Benefits

  • Member Hotline

    Our staff can answer your questions or put you in touch with those who can – including HR, regulatory, enforcement and licensing.

  • Lobbying

    Both in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C.

  • Training

    Food Handler Certification; Manager’s Certification; Responsible Alcohol Beverage Server (RABS).

  • Medical Insurance

    Medical Insurance with extremely competitive rates and guaranteed issue coverage..

Plans offered through Nico Insurance Services, Inc (CA License #0790551). For more information on these and other benefit plans, phone Steve Nico (CA License #0652378) at (619) 667-2111 or (800) 303-3737.
Health Insurance plans endorsed by F&BA:

  • Sharp
  • Kaiser
  • Blue Shield HMO and PPO Medical Plans
  • Ameritas Dental HMO and PPO Plans
  • Group Workers Compensation

    A-rated The Zenith Company. Many members have saved thousands in yearly premiums.

  • Training Compliance

    Training Avoidance of fines and suspensions costing thousands of dollars through training. Food Handler Certification, Manager’s Certification and Responsible Alcohol Beverage Server (RABS).

  • Government Assistance

    Assistance with the Different Government Agencies Department of ABC, Health Department, and State Department of Labor. Placing your case in the best hands can literally save a business from closing.

  • Music Royalty Licensing Agreement

    Savings on yearly fees and an exemption for many businesses from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Newsletter in Your Mailbox Bi-Monthly! Stay ahead of the competition.


    Bi-Monthly! Stay ahead of the competition.

  • Employee Handbooks

    Prevent sexual harassment and wrongful termination cases costing thousands to represent. And many other services you use daily.

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